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How Facebook Ads can change your business


Ever thought about what goes around the ads that display on your Facebook. Whether they bring enough benefit in the presence of a community of platforms Instagram and marketing. If you are still scratching your head thinking exactly what are those ads you are talking about. Well they are the one you see on your Facebook news feed. They often show up according to the actions a user takes on his previous new feed.


Facebook ads surely aid in changing your business. From bringing in more sales and new customers to your brand awareness, Facebook ads do work and in this article we’ll go through key reasons why it is the right time to change your advertising plan.


Let me get it straight off the bat, looking at the statistics, Facebook has at least 1.49 billion active users. The problem is that a platform this big has been utilized quite poorly. Yet there are still brands like wish who have taken the right use and have run the right marketing campaign on this platform. And as of 2018 wish is responsible for 3 to 6 billion dollars of sales. Outside of the money they spend on various sports events, they have spent 98% of their money on Facebook ads.


And this comes from a company that is unknown to 3 out of 5 people. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We will now look at why and how Facebook changes business growth.


  1. The use of Facebook

According to a survey, an average user spends an average of 35 minutes on Facebook every day and a user is most likely to access the site 8 times a day. That gives you an idea of what Facebook is capable of. 


And the beauty of Facebook is that targeting your audience is much easier. Your advertisement can be filtered with respect to age, location, interests and behavior.


  1. Cheap and Fast

It is the cheapest form of digital advertising. It can cost as low as 1$ and your ad reaches a wide range of audience. You don’t have to spend lots of money on making television ads or on billboards. And also as soon as your ad gets online, it reaches a wide and diverse variety of Facebook audience in no time. 


  1. It increases brand awareness

Facebook advertising is fast and it helps your brand get some recognition. For running a successful business, you have to let people know about your brand and let them be aware of any potential updates.


  1. It increases website traffic

Website traffic and brand awareness go hand in hand. Having traffic on your website can have many positive effects on your business. Generating traffic on your site through Facebook is relatively easy but you do have to consider Facebook policies regarding overuse of you or cheap tricks.


I will recommend you running different Facebook campaigns, in this case try website click campaigns. Helps your audience get back to your site from Facebook.


  1. It increases sales and revenue

Now we are here, the golden pinnacle of Facebook advertising. Sales and revenue can be generated through Facebook. Although success may take some time but it does start to show after all. 


Hiring a specialist in Facebook advertising or a digital marketing agency can be helpful as all you have to do is pay them for advertising your brand. Changed your mind? I’ll recommend you try tgdigital, a digital marketing agency specialised in digital marketing.


If you haven’t tried Facebook marketing yet, you are leaving a huge portion of your sales, revenue and the growth of your business. It isn’t too late to join the world largest digital platform.



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